Comentarios estudiantes

“The answer is very simple: Universal de Idiomas has so much experience teaching English.

Its teachers are really professional people, and they show a great interest in their students’ advance.

In my personal case, I recommend Universal de Idiomas because it is definitely the best option for learning English, with modern methods and very affordable prices. The environment in the building and the classrooms is attractive and friendly.”

José Miguel Guerrero


“I started taking English lessons at Universal de Idiomas in September, 2013. I enjoyed my time there because the conversational activities are constant. I had the opportunity to discuss some really interesting topics; such as politics, education, advertising, human rights, technology, among many others. One aspect that I consider very positive is the fact that we had small groups, so the interaction was dynamic, the classmates worked together and got to know each other quite well (we became good friends), and the teachers have more time to help us with our doubts.”

Nicolás León


I was a student at Universal de Idiomas for over a year and a half. Thanks to the methodology and the teachers that I had, the learning process of a second language here at Universal de Idiomas has provided me with the skills that I need to improve my future job opportunities and my general knowledge of English.

Víctor Porras


My experience studying at Universal de Idiomas was a very good one. I learned another language and about other cultures.

I started at the Intro level and I didn’t know much about English. With my teachers and my classmates I learned a lot about the English language and the English-speaking countries.

I remember when I started at Universal de Idiomas; it was a difficult experience at first because I was a little scared about having other classmates and a new teacher, and also speaking another language. But when I started to have confidence, I was very grateful about the experience of learning English in a different and interesting way.

 Valeria Cabrera


This experience was great for me. In my personal opinion, I learned more than a language, because in each class we discussed different topics about general culture and every topic was interesting and relevant, which can help us in our lives.

I started from the bottom; at the beginning I didn’t know anything about the English language. Now I finished my last level knowing a lot, not only about the language, but also about topics which I don’t learn about in high school. As time passed by, I learned a lot from my teachers who were completely trained to teach us and to allow us to become analytical and skilled in the new language.

I made some really good friends in the process, which is an important part of the learning experience; we discussed topics, shared ideas, and helped each other.

Thanks to this institute, I can write these words with a very honest description of how my experience was here. I will remember these months as a very big step in my life because studying at Universal de Idiomas helped me as a high school student and as future professional with a productive career.

Camila Montoya


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